Plant Identification

We have heard from horticultural apprentices over the years that it can be challenging to correctly identify all the different types of plants. Of course, being able to do so is a very important part of being a horticulture technician.

There are many types of plants – shrubs, trees, vines, grasses, annuals, perennials etc. – and being able to identify what a plant is by sight, by common name and by its botanical name is very important.

There are also strategies that you can use to determine what a plant is. Where is it located? What shape leaves does it have? What kind of flower does it produce?

In this module, we’ve introduced some memory or concentration games to help you learn plants by sight, by common name and by botanical name. Not only will you learn to identify plants, but you might have some fun at the same time! We have also included some strategies you can use to figure out what a plant is – if you can’t immediately recognize it.

Additional Resources – Below you will find a list of other resources you can look at to help you with your foundational skills.

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