Your Commitment:

  1. Training with an employer for 4,000 to 6,000 hours (2-3 years)
  2. Completing a 12-­week (basic) in-­class training session at a training provider (Tuition fee applies)
  3. Completing a 12­-week (advanced) in­-class training session at a training provider (Tuition fee applies)
  4. Completing a skills sign­-off Training Standard Book of required skills on-the-job with your employer
  5. Completing a Certificate of Qualification Exam at the end of the apprenticeship

The Benefits:

  1. Financial Incentives throughout the process; apprentices are eligible for over $4,000 in grants
  2. Hands on training that will develop a deeper knowledge of the profession
  3. Cost effective, the Ministry covers 85% of the in­-class training
  4. Upon completion the Apprentice will obtain a Red Seal Journey-person Class designation (eligible to practice the trade across Canada)

Basic Requirements to Apply for the Apprenticeship Program

  1. Minimum of grade 12 or equivalent ­
  2. Employed in the Horticultural Sector