On-the-Job Training

“Apprenticeship is Learning On-the-job” 

On-the-Job Training Duration:

The Industry Committee has identified 5,400 hours* as the duration generally necessary for an apprentice to become competent in the skills
required. There may be individual circumstances where the duration varies from this guideline.

*Hours worked by an apprentice in the trade of horticultural technician in excess of his or her regular hours shall be included in computing the apprentice’s hours of on-the- job training and work experience.

Roles & Responsibilities of an Apprentice:

  • Practice safe work habits
  • Use your apprenticeship training standard as a journal to keep track of which skills you have achieved
  • Talk over your training plan with your Training Consultant, Employer, Union, or Sponsor
  • Know what tools are required for your trade and how to use them
  • Ask questions and keep asking
  • Talk to your employer about your training needs
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and good work habits
  • Ensure that you and your supervisor/trainer sign off skill/skill sets upon demonstration of competency.


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