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What is a Trades Equivalency Assessment?

If a person has extensive work experience and training in the horticultural industry from Ontario or another province, territory or country, they can have their skills compared to the Ontario Apprenticeship Program for equivalency assessment.

The Trade Equivalency Assessment (TEA) process assesses the applicant’s skills base. If the applicant meets all the training requirements of that apprenticeship, they will qualify to apply for the Certificate of Qualification exam.

What is the Application Process?

  1. The applicant will review the Trades Equivalency Application Guide to find out if they qualify for the assessment. As a reference  tool, the applicant can compare their knowledge base to the skills in the Training Standard for the Apprenticeship Program.
    – T.E.A. Application Guide
    – Application Guide and Form:
    – Training Standard: Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship (PDF)
  1.  The applicant will complete, print and sign the OCOT Trades Equivalency Application and attach all necessary documents of proof to the application.
    – T.E.A. Application OCOT (PDF)
  1. The applicant will submit their application to the Ontario College of Trades with their assessment fee of $235 +HST ($265.55).

Ontario College of Trades

655 Bay Street Suite 600

Toronto, Ontario M5G 2K4

Telephone: 647-847-3000

Toll free: 1-855-299-0028

Fax: 1-647-340-4332


  1. The Ontario College of Trades will assess the application for equivalency.
  1. The Ontario College of Trades will contact the applicant with their decision.

For More Information:

Ontario College of Trades T.E.A.