frequently Asked Questions (faq)

1. Registered as an apprentice, what do you do now?

  • Keep an accurate record of the hours you work.

  • Review the Training Standard regularly with your trainer and sponsor to track your progress.

  • Attend classroom training when it is offered.

  • Apply for the financial incentives for which you are eligible.

  • Notify the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) staff immediately of any changes to contact information or training agreement, especially if you change sponsors.

For More Information:  During the Apprenticeship (PDF)

2. Starting employment with a new company?

  • If an apprentice begins full time employment with a new company, they will need to re-register with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) to that employer.

For More Information: Changing Employers & Re-Registration

3. What is the Ontario Technological Skills Competition?

  • The Ontario Technological Skills Competition (OTSC) is a yearly event, and is Canada’s largest skilled trades competition.

  • Throughout the three day period, there are over 67 contests, 2,000 competitors and 20,000 spectators.

  • The OTSC offers apprentices the opportunity to demonstrate that they are the best in their field. Competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in their trade.

  • The OTSC is a great opportunity for apprentices to network and meet others in their profession.

  • Winners who qualify at the OTSC can attend the Skills Canada National Competition, and from there could potentially head to a WorldsSkills Competition.

For More Information: Ontario Technological Skills Competition Website

1. Lost your training standard?

  • If the apprentice has lost their training standard, they can print a new one here: Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship Training Standard (PDF)

  • The apprentice will work with their employer to have previously signed skills re-signed in the new training standard.

  • The employer has final discretion on what skills they will re-sign in the new training standard

2. Employer does not want to sign the Training Standard?

  • Employer sponsors in the apprenticeship program are required to train and assist the apprentice in completing their training standard. This includes signing skills that the apprentice has successfully demonstrated.

  • The employer has the discretion to not sign an item in the training standard if they do not feel that the apprentice has accomplished the task to the required standard.

  • If the apprentice is struggling to complete a skill in the training standard they should speak with their trainer to make them aware of the issue and develop training support mechanisms together. If the apprentice requires further support, they can contact the Landscape Ontario Apprenticeship Team:

1. Not received an offer of in-class training?

  • In-class offers are mailed to apprentices through standard mail (Rural post has been identified to have a slower delivery date)

  • In-class training is provided at different times throughout the year, depending on the training provider and program level.

  • Training providers have a limited number of seats, and participation is first come, first serve.

  • If the apprentice has not received an offer of in-class training 60 days before its start date, they can contact the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) representative and:

    • Ensure that the mailing address that the MLTSD has on file is accurate

    • That they were sent a letter offering in-class training

    • Inquire if there is space available to register for the in-class training

    • Reserve a spot for the next session of in-class training (if applicable)

Training Providers:


2. Exemption tests?

Where are exemption tests written?

  • Exemption tests can be written at a number of community colleges across Ontario

  • The apprentice will contact their local community college to inquire on their eligibility

Is there an fee in taking an exemption test?

  • Yes, the exemption test fee is $150-160 per level. Note that there are 2 levels for the Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship Program.

3. Special accommodation for in-class training?

4. Employer does not want the apprentice to attend in-class training?

  • A requirement to complete the Apprenticeship program is attending 2 levels of in-class training

  • Employer sponsors in the apprenticeship program are required to allow their apprentices to attend in-class training

  • When the apprentices receive their offer of in-class training, they should talk with their employers to ensure that the company can make accommodations for them to attend.

  • For more information, the apprentice or employer can contact Landscape Ontario’s Apprenticeship Mentor & Pathway Specialists.