frequently Asked Questions (faq)

1. What is Landscape Ontario’s role in the program?
  • As a Group Sponsor with the MLITSD since 2015, Landscape Ontario provides registration support, case management services and completion support for apprentices and employers. 
  • LO staff represent the apprentice/employer when working with the MLITSD however it is the responsibility of the employer to train apprentices 

2. Where can I get a copy of my official highschool transcript?

  • We require proof of Grade 12 or an equivalent to register apprentices. An official highschool transcript can be issued by either your highschool office or the school board which you attended high school. Please call them directly.
  • If you require assistance with determining an equivalency please email

3. Next Steps after Registration:

  • Review the Training Standard regularly with your trainer and sponsor to track your progress.
  • Attend classroom training when it is offered at your nearest participating college 
    • Colleges: Algonquin, Humber, Fanshawe and Mohawk.
    • Apply for the financial incentives for which you are eligible.
    • Notify your Landscape Ontario Pathways Specialist staff so they can update your file with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) of any changes to contact information or training agreement, especially if you change sponsors.
    • Keep an accurate record of the hours you work using your Training Standard Orientation (or Pay stubs, CRA ROE)

4. Starting employment with a new company:

  • If an apprentice begins full time employment with a new company, they will need to re-register with their new employer 
  • Please notify Landscape Ontario staff as soon as possible of any changes to assist with this process. 
  • For More Information: Changing Employers & Re-Registration

5. What is covered in an Information Session?

  • We provide an overview of the following: 
    • Landscape Ontario’s role as a Group Sponsor 
    • Roles/Responsibilities of the Apprentice and Employer
    • Review of the Training Standard 
    • Financial Incentives
    • Horttech Hub Resources
    • Attend an Information Session here to learn more about the Apprenticeship Program

6. I have previous industry experience, do my hours count towards my 5,400 on the job hours?

  • Yes! If you have relevant industry experience the hours count towards your apprenticeship on the job training hours. You can access your hours through your record of employment (ROE) through your employer or the CRA.

1. Should I attend a Training Standard Orientation?

  • Yes! We strongly encourage all newly registered and current apprentices to attend a Training Standard Orientation session to review the program guidelines and learn how to navigate the document that is required to be completed before qualifying for your Red Seal Exam.
  • Register here for an orientation

2. Lost training standard steps: 

  • If the apprentice has lost their training standard, they can print a new one here: Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship Training Standard (PDF)
    • We recommend you keep two copies of the Training Standard in case one is damaged/lost
    • If you do not have access to a printer, please contact the LO apprenticeship team, and a physical standard can be mailed to you
  • The apprentice will work with their employer to have previously signed skills re-signed in the new training standard.
  • The employer has final discretion on what skills they will re-sign in the new training standard
  • Attend a Training Standard Orientation here to learn more about the Training Standard 

3. Employer does not want to sign the Training Standard?

  • Employer sponsors in the apprenticeship program are required to train and assist the apprentice in completing their training standard. This includes signing skills that the apprentice has successfully demonstrated on the job.
  • The employer has the discretion to not sign an item in the training standard if they do not feel that the apprentice has accomplished the task to the required standard.
  • If the apprentice is struggling to complete a skill in the training standard they should speak with their trainer to make them aware of the issue and develop training support mechanisms together. If the apprentice and employer require further support, they can contact the Landscape Ontario Apprenticeship Team:

1. When can you expect an in class training offer?

  • Offers for in class training will be sent out directly by the Ministry (MLITSD) to your email on file beginning in the fall. Offers will continue to go out based on availability until the start of classes in January. 
  • In-class training runs from over two 12 week (January-March) winter semesters for Level 1 and Level 2

2. Not received an offer of in-class training?

  • Training providers have a limited number of seats, and participation is first come, first serve. Please register as soon as you can to be added to the waitlist for in class offers.
  • If the apprentice has not received an offer of in-class training 60 days before its start date (early January), they can contact Landscape Ontario staff at and:
    • Ensure that the email address that the MLITSD has on file is accurate
    • Confirm if you were on the waitlist to receive an in-class offer 
    • Inquire if there is space available to register for the in-class training
    • Reserve a spot for the next session of in-class training (if applicable)


Training Providers:




3. Do you qualify for the exemption tests for Level 1 and/or Level 2?

  • Where are exemption tests written?
    • Exemption tests can be written at a number of community colleges across Ontario
    • The apprentice will contact their local community college to inquire on their eligibility
    • Is there a fee in taking an exemption test?
      • Yes, the exemption test fee is $150-160 per level. Note that there are 2 levels for the Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship Program.
      • For more information on exemptions please reach out to

4. Special accommodation for in-class training?

5. Employer does not want the apprentice to attend in-class training?

  • A requirement to complete the Apprenticeship program is attending 2 levels of in-class training
  • Employer sponsors in the apprenticeship program are required to allow their apprentices to attend in-class training over the two 12 week winter semesters
  • When the apprentices receive their offer of in-class training, they should talk with their employers to ensure that the company can make accommodations for them to attend.
  • For more information, the apprentice or employer can contact Landscape Ontario’s Apprenticeship Mentor & Pathway Specialists.

1.What is the Horttech Hub and why is it important?

  • The HortTech Hub is a one-stop platform containing  Landscape Ontario’s online tools and resources that support in-school learning and on-the-job training of apprentices and/or journeyperson-candidates in the Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship Program.

2. When will I receive my HortTech Hub login information?

  • The HortTech Hub is a resource provided by Landscape Ontario for apprentices registered under our Group Sponsorship. Logins are issued once an apprentice has completed the registration process

3. How do I navigate which resources are beneficial to me?

  • Level 1 Apprentices
    • Training Standard Orientation 
    • Prior 2 School Toolkit
    • Apprentice Training Videos
    • Apprenticeship Study Manual Level 1
  • Level 2 Apprentices
    • Training Standard Orientation 
    • Apprentice Training Videos
    • Apprenticeship Study Manual Level 2 (coming soon)
    • On-the-job Training (OJT) Workshop 
    • Red Seal Exam Prep Toolkit (For apprentices ready to challenge the exam)

4. I am ready to complete – what are my next steps?

  • If you have completed  your on the job hours, in class training and the mandatory skill sets in the Training Standard, you are ready to submit for completion
  • Please contact your Landscape Ontario Apprenticeship Pathways Specialist and we will guide you through the process

1. Am I eligible for EI as an apprentice?

  • Yes! As an apprentice, if you have fulfilled the required hours need to access EI, you are eligible to apply for EI while attending the in class component of the program. It is the responsibility of the apprentice to determine their eligibility and when to apply for EI.
  • The Ministry (MLTSD) will issue each registered apprentice a 16 digit apprentice code when you are approved to attend the in class training. This shows you are in a full time training program.
  • Note* If you do not qualify for EI there are resources available to help you through the in class training. Please contact us if this applies to you.

2. When/where can I find my 16 digit apprentice code?

  • You will receive your apprenticeship code directly from the Ministry at the beginning of classes. If you do not receive your code, please contact the Ministry directly. The contact information can be found on your class offer email.

1. How do I find my registration date to determine eligibility for incentives?

  • Your registration date can be found on your Registered Training Agreement with the MLITSD. 
  • This is the date you became a registered apprentice. If you are unable to find this date, please contact LO staff as we maintain copies of all agreements. 

2. When am I eligible for my incentive for completing Level 1?

  • Apprentices are eligible to apply for the Level 1($1,000) and Tool Grant ($400) financial incentive:
    • You must be registered as an apprentice for 12 months
    • Completed your Level 1 in class training

3. When am I eligible for my incentive for completing Level 2?

  • Apprentices are eligible to apply for the Level 2 ($1,000) financial incentive:
    • You must be registered as an apprentice for 24 months 
    • Completed your Level 2 in class training

4. When am I eligible for the Apprenticeship Completion Grant?

  • A one time $2,000 incentive for apprentices who have completed their in class training, 5400 hours of on the job training and Training Standard and successfully received your Completion of Apprenticeship (CoA) certificate.
  • It is the responsibility of the apprentice to apply for their incentives based on the MLITSD eligibility criteria 

5. What do I need to apply for my incentives?

  • You will require your progress letter that is sent directly from the Ministry upon completing your in class training. 
  • Progress letters are proof that you have completed a level of the in class training requirement. After each level (1 and 2) the ministry will send a progress letter to each apprentice. 
  • Your registration date for becoming an apprentice
1. Ontario Technological Skills Competition: The Ontario Technological Skills Competition (OTSC) is a yearly event, and is Canada’s largest skilled trades competition.
  • Throughout the three day period, there are over 67 contests, 2,000 competitors and 20,000 spectators.
  • The OTSC offers apprentices the opportunity to demonstrate that they are the best in their field. Competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in their trade.
  • The OTSC is a great opportunity for apprentices to network and meet others in their profession.
  • Winners who qualify at the OTSC can attend the Skills Canada National Competition, and from there could potentially head to a WorldsSkills Competition.
  • For More Information: Ontario Technological Skills Competition Website

2. Landscape Ontario Congress Trade Show and Conference

  • Congress is Canada’s largest and longest running trade show and conference for landscape professionals. 
  • Students can attend Congress Tradeshow at no cost and the conference at a discounted rate! 
  • For more ticket information