What is the HortTech Hub?

HortTech Hub

The HortTech Hub is a one-stop platform containing  Landscape Ontario’s online tools and resources that support in-school learning and on-the-job training of apprentices and/or journeyperson-candidates in the Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship Program.

Prior 2 School

Contains online resources and lessons
to help you establish the skills to be
successful when returning to school.

Training Tracker

Track your skill sets, training hours, and accomplishments in real time with your employer/trainer and LO.

Training Standard

Attend a 1-hr virtual orientation with an Apprenticeship Specialist to introduce and/or review the Hort Tech 441C Training Standard.

On-the-Job Training (OJT) Workshop

A 1-day FREE Train-the-Trainer workshop
for apprentices & JP-candidates
aspiring to be Trainers

Training Videos

Strengthen your knowledge and skills
with help from industry professionals.

Online Resource Links for
Hort Tech Apprentices

A comprehensive list of online resources in horticulture, landscaping, botany,
and much more

Red Seal Exam
Prep Toolkit

Includes learning resources, practice questions, study strategies
to prepare you for the CofQ/Red Seal exam.

Study Manual

Developed by industry professionals, these manuals offer study
materials for in-class learning, on-the-job training,
& Red Seal Exam preparation.

Along with mentoring services offered by Landscape Ontario, the HortTech Hub aims to make the apprenticeship journey as rewarding as possible.

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