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Performs Common Occupational Skills

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What is the primary purpose of the Occupational Health & Safety Act?

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When is Personal Protective Equipment required?

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What is the process of maintaining tools after working in a pest-infested garden?

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What is done next after sharpening a blade of a rotary lawn mower?

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Who is responsible for selecting, using, and maintaining appropriate PPE in the workplace in accordance with jurisdictional regulations?

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What is verified when inspecting PPE and safety equipment before use?

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What safety measures should be undertaken when working in areas with a potential head injury from falling objects?

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How much 2-stroke/cycle oil is added to 5 litres of fuel in a jerry can for a blower that requires a 50:1 mix?

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What type of personal protection is needed when a worker is exposed to hazards from flying particles?

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What is the main purpose of WHMIS?

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