Success in Returning to School

Some people who get involved in apprenticeship did not have positive experiences when they were in high school. And they may think that going to college will be just like when they were in high school. Others may have enjoyed their time in high school – when they didn’t have children, houses to take care of, or bills to pay.

Going to school as an adult is quite different than going to school as a teenager. Usually, adults have more to juggle and manage than teenagers do. As a result, returning to learning as an adult can be stressful and make you feel anxious.

The good news is that you can help manage your feelings of anxiety about returning to learning with some preparation. In this module, we look at some of the differences between going to in-school training at a college and going to high school. We look at some of the reasons that returning to school can be stressful and we give you some resources, activities, and strategies to reduce the stress and anxiety around returning to school.

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