Study Habits

You might think that having an entire module dedicated to study habits is unnecessary. Doesn’t everyone know how to study? No – they do not. It is often assumed that people know how to study and how to take notes so that studying is productive, but this is not always the case. Good study habits vary from person to person. What works for one person may not work for another.

Study habits go beyond just absorbing information that has been presented by instructors, videos, or texts. Learning material is only part of the process. You also must show what you have learned – usually by completing short-answer and multiple-choice questions. Did you know that there are strategies you can use to tackle short-answer and multiple-choice questions?

In this module, we show you some resources and activities that will help you learn (or re-learn) how to effectively study and how to create an effective study space. We also review some of the strategies you can use to be more successful in answering short answer and multiple-choice questions. And since a big part of studying is memorizing information, we’ll also review some of the activities and resources from the module on plant identification – where memorization is very important!

Additional Resources – You will find below a list of other resources you can look at to help you with your study habits.

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