Learn More about Yourself as a Learner

How you learn can be just as important as what you learn. Yet most people haven’t spent much time thinking about or discovering what their learning style is or what specific learning strategies will work best for them.

In addition, some people are impacted by learning disabilities – about 15% of adults. Not everyone is aware of what learning disabilities are. Basically, learning disabilities affect how you get, organize, retain, understand, or use information. Some people are identified as having learning disabilities when they are in school. Many, however, are not, and are unclear why they struggle to do some learning tasks but not others.

In this module, we present tools and resources to help you identify your learning style(s) as well as learning strategies that are specific to the way(s) you learn best. We share some basic information about what learning disabilities are and what supports you might be able to get at the college level. And last, but not least, we share some information about how you can advocate for your own learning needs.

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