Interpersonal Skills

There is a lot to know in the field of horticulture – about plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, soil, design, plant maintenance, and the list goes on! There are some skills though that are harder to identify but still very important for the workplace. We call these skills interpersonal skills. And these skills are getting more and more important to employers.

Employers today are not just looking for employees who know about plants, how to take care of plants, etc. They are looking for employees who know how to work as part of a team and who have good communication skills. They value employees who know how to manage their time and how to motivate themselves and others at work.

This module has several resources to help you identify and build these interpersonal skills.

The material and learning activities in the above sections was created by Community Literacy of Ontario and the Tri-County Literacy Council (based on Curriculum originally produced by Literacy Link Eastern Ontario) for the use of Landscape Ontario. We are grateful for their permission to use this material.

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