Foundational Skills

Many people who are drawn to horticulture both enjoy and are very good at working with their hands. However, pretty much every job requires a certain level of ability in reading, writing and using documents. We refer to these abilities as foundational skills because they are the foundation upon which other skills are built.

You will be attending college-level education and you will need strong reading, writing and document use skills. If you’re not sure if your skills are at the level they need to be, please check out some of the resources in this module.

We’ve included exercises and activities that build your reading, writing and document use skills by using real-life landscape and horticultural activities. You can learn or refresh your knowledge about horticulture at the same time you are learning or refreshing your foundational skills!

If you have trouble doing activities in this module, there is more help available. There are free adult upgrading programs in your community. If you do complete the activities in this module but still feel you need to do some more preparation, contact a free local adult upgrading program in your community.

The material and learning activities in the Grounds Maintenance section this module was created by Community Literacy of Ontario and the Tri-County Literacy Council (based on Curriculum originally produced by Literacy Link Eastern Ontario) for the use of Landscape Ontario.
We are grateful for their permission to use this material.

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