Turfgrass Installation

Understanding what turf is, its applications, and process for installing turf/sod. Horticultural Technicians should be able to install sod so that the resulting lawn is healthy and establishes rapidly.

In this series, we introduce and explain why is it important to know about turf and sod, and how to install it. Well-maintained sod produces immediate results, is less susceptible to weed invasion and can be installed anytime ground is not frozen.

Learn from Cam Shaw (Manager & Instructor in the Diploma in Turfgrass Management Program, University of Guelph)

Installing Turfgrass/Sod Process Overview

Installing Turfgrass/Sod – Tools, Equipment & PPE

Installing Turfgrass/Sod – Site Preparation

Installing Turfgrass/Sod – Demo

Installing Turfgrass/Sod – Maintenance & Care

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