Horticulture Technician

Horticultural Technicians = Horticultural Technician 441-C Apprenticeship

A Horticultural Technician works with plants and has knowledge and skills in ornamental horticulture and plant health care. Using tools and machinery, this person installs, grows, and maintains indoor and outdoor plants; builds urban and rural landscapes; maintains outdoor properties; cares for turf-grass and golf courses; and installs and maintains irrigation systems.

A Horticultural Technician is a non­-restricted certified trade regulated by the Apprenticeship and Certification Act. On successfully completing the apprenticeship program, a person working in this trade is entitled to a Certificate of Apprenticeship and can challenge the trade examination to obtain a Certificate of Qualification. The 441C Horticulture Technician program is a Red Seal trade within Ontario.


Program Prerequisites

  • Apprentice Candidates need a minimum of grade 12 high school diploma or equivalent ­
  • Apprentices must work for an employer within Ontario ­
  • Apprentices must be registered with the MTCU and OCOT

A Horticultural Technician is a person who:

  • Communicates effectively to achieve results
  • Controls plant pests and diseases using various methods, including integrated pest management
  • Transplants and installs plants
  • Maintains and manages horticultural properties
  • Recycles waste materials
  • Identifies nutrient requirements of plants, applies fertilizers, and monitors the plants and maintains records of results of applications
  • Analyses plant watering requirements, installs irrigation systems, and monitors and records results
  • Grows plants using different propagation techniques and maintains records of results
  • Prunes plants, considering timing and tools
  • Establishes and maintains turf-grass
  • Constructs landscapes according to drawings, using plants and other materials such as wood, stone, soil, and concrete
  • Maintains and stores tools and equipment
  • Works in compliance with workplace safety legislation


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