Registration Process for Employer Sponsor

1) The employer will print, complete and sign the following documents.

Sponsor Agreement (PDF)

Trainer Verification (PDF)

Optional Review:

If you would like the Landscape Ontario Apprenticeship team to review your application and documents, please submit them to us at:

2) The employer will submit both documents to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU). Click here for a list of local MTCU offices

3) The MTCU will review the application, and will issue a Sponsor Identification number for the employer.

4) The employer (also known as the Sponsor) is now eligible to register and train apprentices. Learn how to register an Apprentice here 

Inform L.O. Apprenticeship Team

Once you are registered with the MTCU please contact the L.O. Apprenticeship team with your Sponsor Identification number

Important to Note

**When submitting an application for a new apprentice, an employer will fill these documents out as part of the application process**